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I've Only Just Begun - the short music film

Two Fathers

Russian Pop Star Zelimkhan Bakaev, Tortured and Killed In Chechnya Anti-Gay Roundup

Sources are reporting that Russian singer Zelimkhan Bakaev was arrested, tortured, and murdered by by Chechen authorities due to suspicion of homosexuality.”

Bakaev was last seen on August 8 in Grozny, where he had come from Moscow for his sister’s wedding Bakaev’s Instagram account has mysteriously been deleted, but a small Twitter account in his name remains active, offering no recent updates.

Earlier this week, Igor Kocketkovof the Russian LGBT Network made a statement to the media that touched on the disappearance, saying: “At the end of August, we received confirmation of our earlier presumption that [Bakaev] was detained by Chechen authorities due to suspicion of homosexuality.

A source close to activists in the region have stated that Bakaev, 26, was tortured to death. “He arrived in Grozny and was picked up by po ... Read more »

Ultra Bleu (2016)

Ultra Bleu follows Jim Park for the first 24 hours after a violent break up with his ex-boyfriend and how a chance meeting with a stranger reveals deeper issues he must confront.

A Song for Your Mixtape (2016)

A short film about a birthday party you weren't invited to.

A young gay man arrives at a party full of kids he’s known since he was little. But they’re all strangers now. He feels he doesn’t belong. He’s only there for one reason, one person. The guy he loves; the guy who left him.

That’s the premise behind A Song For Your Mixtape, a new short film from creators Zachary Kemper and Brandon Zuck.

Written and directed by Zuck from a story by Kemper (and starring Kemper), the film tackles a heavy subject—LGBT suicide—with a deft touch. 

'Male, 43, Versatile'

Male, 43, Versatile' is a gay short film exploring sexuality. A Film/Music Video for all those fed up with the conventions in life or how we as individuals have to be pigeon-holed or put into certain categories. As some of you know by now, I like to raise awareness to LGBT/Human Rights issues in a fun, objectifying manner just so that the detractors can see, that even with all their bullshit and dissension, that we always fight back with a positive attitude!

Ecstasy (2016)

He would do anything to be touched by his former lover once more. Ecstasy is an arthouse drama that explores and challenges the relationship between love and violence.

Written & Directed by Kyle Reaume
Produced by Rafaela Scully
Cinematography by Aaron Alter

It's Consuming Me (2012)

This is gay culture, according to television

Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes

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