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Speech & Debate (2017)
MarcusDate: Friday, 2017-10-20, 1:04 PM | Message # 1
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An enjoyable portrayal of teenage life

Journalism relies on
morals, ethics and honesty...so says a teacher who refuses to endorse a
Gay/Straight Alliance on the grounds that it is more of a social event
than a legitimate school-club!

This a might little
film that seems to have slipped [shamefully]under the gay media's
radar! Undeservedly [and, negligently] so!

A light-hearted
approach to some seriously BIG issues...censorship, puritanism...and,
the transference of errant [adult]opinion onto and into younger
[dangerously impressionable] minds!

A trio of misfits...the
 gay, the geek and the precocious...demand their young voices and
opinions to be heard...their approach may be a little
unconventional...but, it will certainly put a smile upon your old wizened faces!

It's been 13 years
since Dan Harris sat in the director's chair...and, alas, the rustiness
is all too evident. There is a little staggering and a few mis-steps
along the way...

Hallelujah for Sarah
Steele, a powder-keg of talent and charisma...she captures that fine
line between being likable and unlikable perfectly - her two sidekicks
sidekick admirably. But, it really is her film...and in being so, her
character needed much more depth.

Aaaah but there are the
 obvious constraints...time and money! With a little bit more time,
Harris could have mulled over whether this film should have been a
fully-committed musical [that it screamingly wanted to be] or, the film
it became...with a few partly-performed songs thrown in to keep things
going at a jaunty pace! Ooops!

Απογοητευμένοι από την υποκρισία που βλέπουν στους γονείς, τους
δασκάλους τους και σε ολόκληρο το σχολικό συμβούλιο, ένα απίθανο τρίο
νεαρών μαθητών προβάλει την κοινή αλήθεια και ακούει τις φωνές τους
καθώς ιδρύουν ένα καινοτόμο σχολικό σωματείο και αναλαμβάνουν τον κόσμο.

With English Subtitles Here 

With Greek Subtitles Here

yianangDate: Saturday, 2017-10-21, 3:46 AM | Message # 2
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Thanks a lot, Marcus!
Forum » LGBT Themed Movies » LGBT Movies online with Greek Subtitles » Speech & Debate (2017) (With Greek OR English Subtitles)
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