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The Hope Speech - Ian McKellen


“Unchechen” is a new short film about the attempted genocide of gay men in Chechnya (a federal republic of Russia) that hopes to act as a call to action. It tells the harrowing story of the entrapment and interrogation of Khamzat, a public servant who works on the census....

Gay Cinema

Being Masculine or Feminine is not a natural behavior. They are just performances

Tο να δείχνεις περισσότερο σαν άνδρας ή γυναίκα δεν είναι κάποια φυσική συμπεριφορά
αλλά μια παράσταση.
Έχουμε κουραστεί να βλέπουμε γκέι  να αισθάνονται πως είναι πιο άντρες από τους θυληπρεπ&epsilo ... Read more »

Matt Fishel - "When Boy Meets Boy"

British singer/songwriter Matt Fishel was so tired of record companies asking him to tone down the gay element of his music that he set up his own label so that he wouldn’t have to compromise on content.

This song, taken from his award-winning first album Not Thinking Straight, won the Best Pop/Rock Video category at the 2013 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards.

Doug Strahm – Better This Way

Alternative Country artist Doug Strahm started out writing jingles and making commercials, along with running a restaurant and raising four children. He and his husband Bruce have been together for close on 20 years.

This 2013 video features the late model Chris Miklos, beloved of the bear community, and tells the story of a construction worker

Vintage Gay

Querelle remix

Remix απο το ομωνυμο τραγουδι των Σωκρατη Μαλαμα & Γιαννη Τσατσοπουλου. Τραγουδι: Γιωργος Χριστοδουλιδης
Κιθαρα: Αριστειδης Μυταρας

Ian Mckellen gay speech

Ο Φιντέλ, η Επανάσταση και οι ομοφυλόφιλοι

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