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Forum » LGBT Themed Movies » Documentaries - NΤΟΚΥΜΑΝΤΕΡ » Man 2 Man - A Gay Man's Guide To Finding Love (2011)
Man 2 Man - A Gay Man's Guide To Finding Love (2011)
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Released the week after Valentine's Day, this instructive work finds noted director Christopher Hines of The Butch and Adonis Factor
fame opting to narrate, rather than take the spotlight away from his
subject, as he sets out on a quest to discover the reason as to why so
few gay man find true love, in spite of so many desiring a long-term

Canvassing the views of a seemingly endless line-up of cuties who in
spite of their eye-candy styled looks are still searching for "the one,"
Hines is set to unearth many a cold hard fact, not least being the
emotional baggage that many a gay man, often unknowingly, carries around
with him, issues that can hinder the love process itself and here cue
the like of parental rejection, sexual denial, low self esteem, let
alone the painful episode for some, that is coming out. But once dealt
with and knowing what you are looking for in a relationship and more
importantly what is preventing you from finding one, just how easy is it
to find a man who may turn out to be your soul mate in life?

True in terms of finding a man, the gay community has always been ahead
of the game. From back page ads to chat lines, to internet dating sites
and smartphone aps; you name it, we've always made use of the latest
technology to get to grips with a man. Yet do any of these mediums
actually work for love, as against sex? For some; undoubtedly. For
others; not so. All of which brings Hines back to the heart of the
matter, for whilst physical attraction undoubtedly plays a vital part,
falling in love with the person, as against the body beautiful, is what
makes for a lasting bond. Not that l'amour does not have to be
worked at, a simple fact that finds a lot of men, sexuality irrelevant,
more at ease with casual sex, than striving to keep a relationship alive
and in particular taking time out to resolve problems, be it with or
without professional help, before what is, turns out to be what was. In
this respect, Hines seeks the advice of a series of psychologists and
experts in the field of matchmaking, before turning to those truly in
the know, namely a set of committed same-sex couples who share every day
of their life together, in a monogamous loving relationship.

Professionally shot and edited and packed with a sensual array of buffed
to perfection hunks in trunks, Hines closes his telling piece with a
list of summary points on how to find and equally keep your man, having
added a number of self-help guides to the DVD as a bonus. All of which
makes for a wonderfully informative, if at times somewhat stating the
obvious feature, one that beautifully illustrates that the path to love
can take many twists and turns, before you may well find yourself
standing next to your Mr Right. Only and as Hines poignantly asks: are
you looking to get laid, or are you looking to fall in love? 

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Forum » LGBT Themed Movies » Documentaries - NΤΟΚΥΜΑΝΤΕΡ » Man 2 Man - A Gay Man's Guide To Finding Love (2011)
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