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The Fluffer (2001)
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The Fluffer is a rather strange and
provocative introduction to the world of obsession and love in the adult
 entertainment industry with some painful twists along the way. It all
starts when a young wide-eyed innocent film student, Sean McGinnis,
played by the handsome Michael Cunio, moves to Los Angeles to try and
break into the movies, like so many before him. It is not as easy as it
looks in the films he rents whilst trying to get that big break. One of
the movies he rents from a local video store is the classic Citizen
Kane, however hapless individuals at the video rental place have somehow
 mixed it up with hot adult flick 'Citizen Cum'. It is this accidental
mix up of tapes that gives birth to a lengthy and powerful obsession
Sean develops for the porn-star star of Citizen Cum, Johnny Rebel,
played perfectly by Scott Gurney.

Sean finds work on the sets of gay
pornography films, first doing odd jobs, then filming and takes on the
mysterious and yet sometimes highly sought after position of 'fluffer'.
Now for the uninitiated the 'fluffer' is the person responsible for
assisting with the performer's ability to perform, making soft things
hard, in the days before Viagra! Scott has to get hands on with
porn-star Johnny Rebel and is instantly smitten with the hunk star that
despite doing the deed in dozens of gay porn films is in fact straight
and only gay for pay. Johnny lives with abrasive stripper girlfriend and
 seems to have pretty much everything. As Sean gets to know more about
Johnny, whose real name outside the industry of gay porn is Mikey, he
becomes more and more obsessed with the increasingly self-absorbed and
utterly narcissistic star.

The Fluffer is an interesting film, which has surprisingly little nudity
 and sexy considering where the story is based. It raises many issues,
such as drug abuse, corruption, obsession, self-hatred, internalised
homophobia and self-discovery. It also acts as a warning against
following the object of your obsession to carefully or to closely. It is
 not the greatest gay movie in the world, but it did perhaps open up the
 world of the adult entertainment industry in a slightly sanitised way
that had many people talking. There were also appearances from a number
of adult stars, including Chad Donovan, Thomas Lloyd, Zach Richards, Jim
 Steel, Chi Chi LaRue and even pop diva Debbie Harry had a small part. 

 Ο Τζονι Ρεμπελ παιζει σε ταινιες πορνο. Παρολο που ειναι ετεροφυλοφιλος
στις πορνοταινιες βρισκεται συνεχως με γκει. Εχει επισης σχεση με την
Τζουλι Ντισποντζιο, μια διασημη στριπτιζεζ. Ο Σον ΜακΓκινης πηγαινει στο
 Λος Αντζελες για να γινει ηθοποιος αλλα τελικα καταληγει και αυτος να
συμμετεχει σε ταινιες πορνο. Ο Σον ειναι παθιασμενος με τον Τζονι και
για να βρεθει κοντα του βρισκει δουλεια ως οπερατερ…

With English, Spanish OR Greek Subtitles Here 

With Greek Subtitles Here
Forum » LGBT Themed Movies » LGBT Movies online with Greek Subtitles » The Fluffer (2001) (English, Spanish and Greek Subtitles)
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