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Billy Budd (1962)
almont2001Date: Wednesday, 2015-10-14, 10:30 PM | Message # 1
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H.M.S. Avenger is headed into battle against the French fleet during the Napoleonic Wars, and the dark shadow of two recent mutinies in the
English fleet concern Captain Vere. He relies on his cruel and often
sadistic Master-at-Arms John Claggert to maintain what he believes to be
tenuous order and discipline aboard the ship. When a new seaman, Billy
Budd, is pressed into service from a passing merchantman, his innocent,
happy-go-lucky attitude quickly endears him to both his messmates as
well as the ship's officers. However, his charismatic naivete seems to
bother Claggert, whose perverse depravity makes him resent Billy's
good-natured purity, especially after the teenager's promotion to
fore-top captain. The mean-spirited Claggert unfairly plots to put him
on report and ultimately perjures himself when he accuses Billy of
conspiring to mutiny.

Ναπολεόντειοι πόλεμοι. Το θωρηκτό Άβεντζερ καταπλέει προς μάχη ενάντια του γαλλικού στόλου και τον καπετάνιο Βιρ απασχολεί η σκιά δύο ανταρσιών
που συνέβησαν στον αγγλικό στόλο. Η άφιξη ενός νέου ναύτη, του Μπίλι
Μπαντ, προκαλεί συμπάθειες σε πλήρωμα κι ανωτέρους, αλλά ο σημαιοφόρος
Τζον Κλάγκετ δείχνει μια ανησυχία ιδιαίτερα όταν ο Μπαντ προάγεται. Ο
δόλιος σημαιοφόρος αποφασίζει να προωθήσει τον εαυτό του καταγγέλλοντας
τον Μπαντ για πρόκληση ανταρσίας.

Οι άντρες! Η ανταρσία! Η δύναμη της μεγαλύτερης κλασικής περιπέτειας από την Βόρια Θάλασσα!

yianangDate: Thursday, 2015-10-15, 1:11 AM | Message # 2
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This is a great movie. The gay theme is subtextual, but quite evident. Terrence Stamp is a beauty and great in the part. He got his first (and so far his only) Oscar nomination for this film.
Forum » LGBT Themed Movies » LGBT Movies online with Greek Subtitles » Billy Budd (1962)
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