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Method (2017)
MarcusDate: Sunday, 2017-12-24, 5:01 PM | Message # 1
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Veteran actor Jae-ha and idol star Young-woo are cast in a stage play
called "Unchain" as Walter and Singer, respectively. Young-woo is
initially uncooperative during rehearsals, arriving late and failing to
display any interest in or enthusiasm for the play. Frustrated by
Young-woo's flippant attitude toward acting, Jae-ha pushes him to change
his behavior. Young-Woo becomes intrigued by Jae-ha's passion for his
work, and devotes himself to his role, reading books Jae-ha gives him
and accompanying him on outings to find props for the play. Jae-ha's
girlfriend Hee-won begins to sense the connection between the two actors
as they grow closer. Jae-ha himself is increasingly tense and agitated,
confused about his feelings for Young-woo, until one day he
accidentally hurts Young-woo during a rehearsal. Later, he encounters
Young-woo in the empty theater and the two share a kiss which is
witnessed by Hee-won. The next day, Jae-ha finds Young-woo at his house
and drags him into one of Hee-won's storage sheds, where Young-woo
acknowledges his feelings for Jae-ha and they kiss again. The two drive
to the beach together, where Young-woo posts pictures of them on
Instagram which prompt rumors about the nature of their relationship.
They are soon found sleeping embraced in the car by Young-woo's manager
and Hee-won. Young-woo is driven away by his manager as Hee-won
confronts Jae-ha about his sexuality.

The day of the press conference for Unchain, Young-woo tells Jae-ha that
he posted those pictures on purpose, because he wanted to share their
love with the world. He asks Jae-ha if he loves Young-woo, and begs him
to tell everyone about their relationship. Jae-ha does not reply, but in
the press conference dismisses rumors about them by saying that they
were only acting, and requesting that people stop prying into their
personal lives and instead focus on the play itself. Young-woo is
devastated by this and visits Jae-ha's house while he and Hee-won are
sleeping. The next day, after Jae-ha leaves, Hee-won becomes aware of
another person in the house, and one of her sculptures is knocked to the
ground and broken.

Young-woo arrives late to the first performance of the play, and as he
and Jae-ha act, Young-woo's lines suggest that he hurt Hee-won, enraging
Jae-ha. He asks Jae-ha to kiss him, and when he does, Young-woo
whispers to him that the kiss was not in the script. In the final scene
of the play, Young-woo acts out his character's suicide, but chooses not
to use the safety mechanism, which causes him to hang himself
temporarily. Jae-ha holds him up until the scene ends. Jae-ha finds
Young-woo unconscious, but Young-woo wakes up and tells him backstage
that now he is the perfect Singer, while Jae-ha is only a mediocre
Walter. Young-woo leaves after the play, and Jae-ha and Hee-won reunite.

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Thanks and Happy Holidays! xmas
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