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Merry Christmas!!!

A Handshake (2018)

Léo and Baptiste go to the same school. But they don't know each other yet. When they meet the first time, a passing handshake evokes a daydream of Baptiste. It is about the longing for the love of his life. In his mind, he found it in Léo.

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Ty, a 13-year old boy, is struggling to deal with his alcoholic father, a school bully and his own sexuality. Written and Directed by Ben Kemper. Produced by Zoe Logston.

Ένα σκληρό αντίο :(

Updated sex healt manual

Russian aviation cadets Twerking

Russian aviation cadets face expulsion for twerking in their underwear
Russians are demanding that the young men do not have their aviation careers derailed by the parody video
When British soldiers posted a cheeky video of themselves in 2015 dancing in their underwear to the Benny Benassi dance hit, Satisfaction, most people dismissed it as laddish, military humor.

The same joke has not gone down at all well in Russia.

Fourteen aviation cadets at Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute are facing disciplinary action, including possible expulsion, for deciding to shoot a similar video.

The video, shot in October but uploaded to YouTube this week, shows the boys dancing in their underwear around their dormitory. They are wearing their official Ru ... Read more »

Fischerspooner’s ‘Top Brazil’ is the Gayest, Most Gorgeous Non-Porn Video We’ve Ever Seen

JULIUS LEWANDOWSKI Polish artist who paints scenes of sexuality


Let Me Go

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